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Sustainable Infrastructure: Low-Impact Development & Climate Resilience
Adaptation to climate change requires the adoption of resilient, engineered green infrastructure to manage stormwater from a quantitative and qualitative perspective. This course teaches the emerging approaches to the design, construction, operation and maintenance of engineered green infrastructure.
Sustainable Infrastructure: Design & Engineering
Infrastructure refers to the broad set of systems that support our daily lives — from accessing reliable energy to accessing reliable communication; managing natural spaces to managing waste; moving people and goods to moving water — all of these systems support our society’s progress.
Leading Transition
Canada’s transition to a circular, climate positive economy depends on courageous leaders from business, government and civil society. New competencies and innovative models of leadership are needed to solve the world’s biggest transition issues – climate change, resource depletion, social and ecological justice, technology and artificial intelligence. You will learn through active assessment of you own leadership and organizational needs mapped against established leadership models to strategize, map, and communicate an effective transitional strategy.
Carbon Mitigation
Climate change strategies are an integral part of every organization and as professionals addressing the changing landscape of regulatory frameworks, stakeholder pressures, and economic drivers. This course will highlight the legislation landscape, provide practical case studies of successful transitions and technological examples, help you identify carbon mitigation practices that would fit your organization, and practical carbon mitigation prioritization tools that can be applied at different levels of organizational complexity and maturity.
Circular Economy
The circular economy is an emerging approach to product design, manufacturing process, and environmental management. This course will teach you the foundational circular economy principles, help you identify circular economy practices that would fit your organization, practical case studies of successful transitions, and practical circular economy tools that can be applied at different levels of organizational complexity and maturity
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